In order to respond to the diverse needs of member companies, GIFO is based on a flexible federal structure comprising :

Trade associations :
1- French Manufacturers Association in Optics & Photonics- A.F.O.P. - grouping manufacturers of optical components, photographic, cinema and television lenses, optical equipment and photonics systems, as well as precision instrument, equipment manufacturers and software editors.
2- Lens manufacturers Trade Organization.

One Associated Group :
The S.I.D.O.L. (. Import and Trade in ophthalmic optics organisation)
SIDOL, french importers and wholesales association for lens and eyewear business : 23 international companies mustering the whole optical activities : lens, frams, low-vision, accessories, materiel.
Together around a qualified charter they offer through their natural partners : the opticians 90 brands and fashions labels working worldwide known of the best in fashion and technology.
The members electyearly "the optician of the year.


In order to carry out these diverse missions, GIFO has constituted working groups chaired by manufacturers with precise missions and objectives.
Under the control of the Bureau and Board of Directors, and charged with defining the broad orientation of the group's policy, these working groups are constituted of directors and executives of member companies, assisted by permanent GIFO representatives.
These groups, which are allowed great flexibility in their operation, deal in a concrete manner with problems encountered in the profession and carry out collective activities requested by members.